What has Al “The Ox” Been up to for February?

So what has the Ox been up to for February 2017? After looking at the team’s performance during the month of Jan and then you compare it to all the games in Feb, one has to ask what happened to Arsenal?


The first thing you have to consider is who they were playing during those games. The games in January were, for the most part, easy. With the likes of Swansea, West Brom and Crystal Palace putting in a good effort, it was unlikely that any of them had a chance.


In contrast to that, February saw the Gunners take on Chelsea and Bayern Munich. Arsenal only managed a single goal for each game and the Ox barely had anything to do with them. The 3-1 loss against Chelsea was enough to shake the team up a bit, but hardly made a difference in their Champions League game against Bayern.


The 5-1 loss against Bayern was enough to push the Ox over the edge, leading to a little excitement from the 24 year. The Ox was seen giving the team a little motivation to get the guys moving on the field.


Let’s hope that March brings a nice turn of events for the side and maybe some of that motivation sinks in and gives the team a boost.

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