The Ox Set to Open Talks About a New Contract

Oxlade-Chamberlain has proven himself to be a pivotal player over the last couple months and now it’s time to talk contracts. Arsenal have not opened any discussions about the player’s contract since the beginning of the year, despite a lot of talk about it.


There have been several hints and allegations of him moving to Chelsea or even Liverpool, but nothing has actually materialised apart from a tweets. With the season drawing near to the end, if the Ox only signs at the end of the season, then the new club won’t have to worry about buying him out.


In addition to that, there have also been reports that he will be rejecting the renewal, in light of other opportunities. That may be of some concern to the Arsenal team, as it will put some serious pressure on them to beat the competition in a few months time.


Coach Arsene Wenger is still adamant that the player will be staying with the squad for another season.

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