The Ox is Off to Chelsea?!

After nearly a year’s worth of deliberation, debating and debunking, it seems that the Ox is finally off to Chelsea. Thursday this week, would have been the cut-off to make sure the transfer goes through, but it Chelsea have managed to put in an offer just in time.


Alex recently turn down an offer of £180,000 per week, saying that he was looking to move on to a new challenge. A challenge which finally ended up on a £35m deal that sees the young wing-back into a blue jersey. There was also some speculation about him moving to Liverpool, but it would seem that their funds will a little tied up in the acquisition of Naby Keita.


The Ox has rather subtly suggested that he might be interested in Liverpool some weeks back, but it seems that he has his sights set on Chelsea as his next challenge. It’s been six years of playing for Arsenal, when he signed his first deal to transfer from Southampton for almost a third of the Chelsea deal.

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