The Ox: Ferguson was an inspiration

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has praised the retiring Sir Alex Ferguson, describing him as a winner, an inspiration and hungry in his constant quest for success.

The Manchester United manager is set to step down after 26 years at Old Trafford and Oxlade-Chamberlain has heard first hand about the Scotman’s methods and approach which led to a trophy filled legacy with the recently crowned Premier League champions.

The England international expressed his disappointment as football looses one of its all time best managers, however he feels the 71-year-old has earned his retirement!

Oxlade-Chamberlain told Arsenal Player:

I think the main thing that always crops up [when we talk] is that he is such a winner.

I know he’s hard on his players and he gets the best out of them, and I think you can see that with Manchester United being a top side for so long.

From what I hear from the Man United boys, he’s hungrier than anyone and, even at his age, after winning so much he still wanted to win in recent years. That gets the best out of his players. They say he is a great man to work for so you can imagine he is a real inspiration.

It’s a shame for football [that he’s retiring] because everyone knows Fergie is an amazing manager and he’s been at the top for so long. But at the same time I think he deserves a rest now, he’s definitely done his time!

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