Oxlade-Chamberlain using his time on the sidelines wisely

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain feels he has utilized his time off the pitch to analyze the way the Gunners play and work on his overall body strength, but is raring to get back into action.

The Arsenal midfielder is currently regaining fitness after a length spell on the sidelines from a cruciate knee ligament, but is expected to return to action in January.

The youngster has been working hard in the gym to develop his overall strength which will bode well for his long term fitness. It’s not only the physical side but his footballing brain has has a workout too, as he’s had plenty of time to watch his team mates in action.

He told Arsenal Player:

You do get to watch the game from a different aspect.

I watch every home game from higher up and you see a lot more of the pitch there. Sometimes the game looks so much easier when you’re sat up there because you can see all the spaces and when you’re on the pitch everything looks completely different.

You do learn things when you watch it from a different angle, especially when you’re watching the boys play and how the team’s playing and how we’re moving and the people in your position.

That can definitely help, for me I think I’ve taken this opportunity really to work on myself in a more physical way, in a more physical aspect, looking at areas of my body and strengthening different areas. Stuff like your hips that you wouldn’t really think about strengthening prior to getting an injury like this.

I think people who have had long-term injuries will be able to tell you that you don’t understand how important little things like hip stability and your core is and your pelvis. All the little things like this can help to prevent injuries so I’ve been doing loads of that to give myself the best chance of coming back stronger and then preventing any niggles and injuries in the future.

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