Oxlade-Chamberlain is ready to step into Walcott’s shoes

Theo Walcott, England and Arsenal have been dealt a cruel blow for their hopes this season with the news that the forward will be out for at least six months.

Luckily for club and country, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is closing in on his return to action as he resumes full training this week, meaning he can essentially provide a like for like replacement and competition for the wing.

Arsenal have missed the versatile Oxlade-Chamberlain for almost the entirety of the season, but his return will certainly be welcomed and inject some much needed pace, skill and directness into the Gunners attack in Theo’s absence.

The Ox is also a capable goalscorer, we’ve seen his ability to shoot from range while also demonstrate composure in the box. He will be a big asset for Arsenal’s title run-in, and his return to action couldn’t be timed any better with a week before the Gunners visit Aston Villa.

There is no doubt Theo will be missed, but The Ox is ready to step up, prove his ability and step into Walcott’s shoes.

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  1. Gnabry is a big prospect. He’s capable of stepping in to Theo’s shoes… Gnabry is more ready than OX!

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  2. yea,i think the timing of his coming back from injury is timely.He will bring pace and another source of attacking skills to the team.

  3. We all know that ox can do it,just like walcott he is got pace,directness,skills & compose finishin’..he can step to the plate..

  4. great to see the Ox back, coz we expect him to feel the shoes left by Theo though we have the G

  5. we the combination of the G and the ox is goner be hard to contain by the opponents if tried one day because both of them are good at running to the opponents with out fear. they are realy strong guys who can make defenders tremble when they attack. good luck gooners

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