Man City Liverpool Second Quarter Final

The second quarter final against Manchester City was yet another great game. City pretty much dominated the game right from the start, with Gabriel Jesus scoring the opening goal in the first 2 minute. The blue jerseys put in a massive effort to secure as much as 69% of the ball and four times the amount of shots at goal.

As you can see by the stats, it was largely a defensive game by the Reds. Both teams managed 3 solid shots that were on target, but it wasn’t until Salah’s equaliser that the team got really fired up and Firmino slipped one passed Emerson to score the second winning goal late in the second half.

The score could have been a draw, but Sane’s goal was disallowed after he was called off-side by the linesman. In retrospect, the goal probably should have been allowed, but it all went Liverpool’s way in the end.


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