Liverpool Lose to Man United

Liverpool lose to Man United by 2 goals to 1 over this past weekend. It was a great first half by United with Marcus Rashford scoring the first 2 goals in less than 30 minutes. It wasn’t until Bailley scored an own goal making the 3rd goal scored count for Liverpool instead.

Despite all the goals being scored by the opposite team, it seems that Liverpool put in a good effort if you consider they had 68% of the ball. They had a lot more shots at goal than home team from Old Trafford, but it seems they didn’t need them.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain earned himself a yellow card before getting subbed out by Lallana in the second half. All in all it good performance by both sides, but the home team won at the end of the day and it was all thanks to the brilliant goals scored by Marcus Rashford to secure victory.

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