Big News for the Ox as He Turns Down Chelsea for Liverpool

As it turns out the Ox has turned down the option to play for Chelsea for the remainder of the season. After hints about moving to Liverpool earlier this year, it seemed that nothing would transpire from the rumours. To top it off, there was big news of him signing up with Chelsea for a hefty 35 Million in Stirling.


All it took was a matched offer from Jurgen Klopp for the exact same price tag to sway the 24 year old into a red jersey. The truth is that Alex has always had his heart set on Liverpool. “I’ve spoken about this for six years” says Oxlade-Chamberlain. I guess all it took was an offer from on of the big teams to snatch up the Ox during the transfer period.


Despite all the big news and the sudden change, the ex-Arsenal wing-backer might not make the starting squad in the upcoming game against Man city, but he might just get a piece of the action.

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