April Round-up for the Ox and Arsenal

April got off to a good start for the Gunners with a solid 3-0 win against West Ham and 2-all  draw against Man City. The mid-month games against Leicester City and Middlesbrough were close, but the team managed to pull through with a win for both games.


Despite the good fortune on the easier games, their matches against Spurs and Crystal Palace were not so forthcoming. The Ox managed to pick up an injury during the match against Manchester City at Wembley stadium. He was carried off with a boot around his ankle, leaving the field in what looked like a tragic accident.


As it turns out, the injury wasn’t as severe as it seemed and he was already fit to play against Leicester City towards the end of the month. Amidst all the wins and losses for the team, Arsene Wenger openly stated that the team is at risk of losing the Ox at the end of the season, if they don’t put an offer to keep him on-board.

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